The Factory Room

The Factory Room
The Factory Room Story

We are in 1917 November, during the First World War. The Bucharest is under German occupation from more then a year. The war prisoners were kept in water purification basement factories, conquered by Germans.

You are in one on a basement factory. Here were held hostage a certain type of prisoners: the communication officers from alias army. None of them made it to see the light day.

One after the other made an escape plan hoping that the next prisoners will we closer to escape. The plan finished to be a puzzle system impossible to be tracked by the German supervisors. You and your team are German prisoners suspects to initiate contacts with Antanta. You are locked in Piata Rosetti basement factory. You have 60 minutes to discover and to solve the puzzle system made by previous prisoners.

Once you solved the puzzle you’ll escape and you can share precious information to Romanian partners.

Good luck!

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The Zombie Room

The Zombie Room
The Zombie Room Story

After an explosion in a medical research laboratory, the atmosphere was contaminated with a virus that once inhaled produces genetic mutations and transforms the host into a zombie after a long exposure.

This is the reason why doctors who evaded this virus fought and found an antidote. The antidote is dispersed into the atmosphere, the doctors and all the healthy people counting on the fact that zombies are slow minded and don’t consider not inhaling.

This leads to the retreat of mankind into shelters while waiting there for the contamination to pass. You get to such a shelter. You are safe here but you need to find the way out on your own because this is all a test from which only those who are not contaminated must pass. This is the good news.
The not so good news is that behind you there are others who want to come in, maybe human, maybe zombie.

The other bad news is that the oxygen is in limited supply so as to last for approximately 60 min.
You need to breathe calmly to reduce the oxygen consumption.

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Tips and Tricks

60 minutes

Escape the city’s reality in the middle of it.

You have 60 minutes of provocations.

What you will experience?

Provocations. Emotions. Adrenaline.

Intelligence. Team spirit.

No boundaries

And when you think you escape the room take another look around.

The experience might go on more.